Team of hustlers

This group of women is dedicated to creating a space for women to flourish and connect with one another because we believe that this world is incomplete without the ministry of the female. 

Valerie Sigamani, Fl

Valerie is the founder and director of Wild Faith Co.

humanitarian, photographer, wife, dreamer, and adventurer, 26

Alexy Gatica, MI

Alexy is the Webmaster of Wild Faith CO. 

Her heart beats for her faith, family, friends, and football. 

Melissa Salazar, IN

Melissa is the Organizer at Wild Faith Co..

teacher, chaplain, seeker of truth, 23.

Judit Manchay, TN

Judit Amparo Manchay is the Editor and Podcast Host of Wild Faith Co.

forever a student and daughter of The Most High, 27

Michelle Valentin, FL

Michelle is the Marketer at Wild Faith Co.

teacher, psychologist, creative, 25

Cristina Melo, FL

Cristina is the Podcast Host and Financial Officer at Wild Faith Co.

businesswoman, believer, and proud Latina