We believe that, in the fellowship of believers you can find accountability, encouragement, growth, support, and most importantly the Holy Spirit. Life is more difficult when you feel alone and no one understands your burning desire to serve and make a difference. That’s why we decided to create a space for women that want to serve God and need sisters to help her in that journey!

Word of God: 

We believe that the Word of God is the utmost authority in our lives and we seek and strive to implement it in our lives. Our publication will reflect our deep respect for the Word of God and our submission to it. Not only that, but we also believe that is it highly relevant today and can make a huge impact in our current culture. 


We believe that God's transformative power can manifest itself in many different ways. One of the ways that we are able to see it most clearly is in our character. We pray that our content can help in character growth especially in areas of leadership. 


We believe that God’s intent for women in this world is one that completes His image and His mission. She was created to fight in the battlefield alongside men. Woman has a job that is crucial and indispensable. We are set on empowering women to do gospel work in the ways that the Holy Spirit has gifted them.

Mentorship &


We value passing on the torch - -  by this we mean that mentorship, empowering, and equipping others is an imperative to our ministry, if not we fail. 


We value creative avenues to demonstrate the relevancy of the gospel. We encourage people to think outside the box and try out different ideas. The gospel constantly needs to be contextualized to the people you are trying to reach! And we want to reach everyone. 

Holy Spirit's Gifts: 

We acknowledge and accept that the Holy Spirit gives a variety of gift. And the use and development of these gift looks different in each individual's life. e.g social media, art, public speaking, administration, public policy, humanitarianism etc.


We praise God that He created everything in its uniqueness, beauty, and diversity. We believe in including all peoples in Wild + Faith. Without diversity at the table, we will lack critical thinking, diversity of thought, and true success.


We believe that vulnerability and authenticity are the best ways to foster growth. Thus, our leadership team is committed to being open about struggles, to giving real opinions and answers, and we are willing to humble ourselves before God. We want to be as real as we can be with our sisters in Christ who read our content.