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Wild Faith Co.
women living out the gospel commission

Why We Do What We Do


She is passionate. She is kind. She is called. 

We strongly believe that all members of God's family (that’s everyone, in case you thought you weren’t a part of that, you are) need to be equipped for the work of building something beautiful. And, that training can prayerfully come from our fellow sisters. 

We have been waiting and longing for a time to see a call for women of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life to unite for one purpose. Instead of waiting for something like that to be created for us, we thought, why not do it ourselves?  

God put a vision in our hearts to encourage women all over the world to take up their swords, prepare, and engage in battle. It's not about our abilities, it’s about our call. And God has called us to live out our faith in a way that may seem wild to the rest of the world.

This is the Wild Faith Woman.

Loving toward her sisters, equipped for ministry, and faithful to God. 



These ladies are the inspiration

These ladies are the inspiration

It all began…

when the heart to be leaders of good and truth was not encouraged, but opposed. For many women their love for Jesus and passion to do something for Him is not met with encouragement, or approval.

It took a lot of grit, a lot of courage, and a lot of love for many of us to move forward in the midst of opposition. Along the way, those that perceived a supernatural power working in the life of these young girls gave us the affirmation that we needed to know that it was okay to be change-makers and leaders for this world. God put both men and women in our lives that helped us see past the cultural norms and move forward in faith. 

And then the Sisterhood and Preacher girls happened, a group of women in college that had a heart for Jesus and were sometimes admired or other times mocked for it. At first, we were few, then we grew to be about 10-15 women that were supporting one another. Everyone made sure to check in on each other, constantly challenge each other to not be idle or fickle in our faith, and pray together. This group of women were inspirational and God did an amazing work through us all for His glory. 

Eventually, we all moved away and we didn't have each other for encouragement. But, we wanted this positive sisterhood experience to continue and we wanted to share it with all the sisters of this world that had a thirst for change and good. We knew that the world was filled with women who desire to know Jesus better and who desire to do something for Him. We created Wild Faith Co. together, a place where women could find encouragement, belonging, sisterhood, and resources. Because, although this was our experience (and we were blessed to have it), it is not everyone's story. Not everyone is surrounded by passionate women. Not everyone has access to mentorship and camaraderie. So, we thought maybe it would be cool if we brought it to you. 

Here you are :) Now, you are a part of the greater sisterhood that God is creating in this world. God is constantly moving, we are just a vehicle for His greatness.